Thoracic Spine Mobility

According to the kinetic chain it is important to have stability in our lower back and mobility above it in the area call the thoracic spine. I learned how important this is and remember a couple things about it but hardly see people actually working on it in the gym even with their trainers. It’s something that doesn’t come up and get talked about too often. Well I found a group of people that LOVE to talk about core strength and thoracic spine mobility… GOLFERS. Which makes sense considering the obvious needs of their sport to be as stable as they can in joints meant for stability, and as mobile as possible in mobility based joints. I really like a few of the stability ball moves they do here in Part 2 of their 3 part series. In part one they mention how simply sitting on the ball (with good posture) and bouncing a little bit helps warm up your core, pumping the vertebrae, and inducing blood flow through the discs. It’s also very therapeutic. Get your ball out and try some of the stretches and exercises in this video. You’ll be glad you did!

Thoracic_vertebrae_backThoracic Spine

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