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This article explains the basic nutrition every endurance athlete should know. Remember that if you are getting ready for a race longer than a 10k run, or over an hour (40+ minutes in hot conditions) or so of competing in any discipline, practicing your nutrition plan leading up to the event is crucial. Otherwise you are just rolling the dice and hoping your body will feel great as you try to push yourself harder and harder while ingesting whatever is available that day. Your stomach naturally has less blood flow to help it function properly when it is in motion. Practicing your nutrition plan obviously allows you to find the right combination of food and drink that works well in your system but it also improves how your system handles the stress of calories and liquids being processed while you are moving. S.A.I.D. or specific adaptation to imposed demand, is often talked about when training your muscles but it is even more important for optimal functioning of the systems inside of your body. And being able to eat your calories more than drinking them is proving to be the most effective form of mid race fueling. You should plan to eat something when training, anything at all you can grab as you head out the door or on to your trainer or tread mill. Banana, nut/ protein bar, pb&j sandwich, jerky, m&m’s, cookies, crackers, crab legs, roasted chicken. I don’t know just keep eating. I like to run wearing cycling jerseys because those back pockets are perfect for holding food and supplies. Anything you can stuff in a pocket using a paper towel, bag, or it’s own natural casing could work. No I haven’t tried crab legs yet but I won’t knock it until I do. Bring a wet nap for those stinky hands! And it never hurts to throw some t.p. in a little plastic bag. Whatever goes in… I hope your running trail isn’t very busy. Worst case scenario here is you don’t use your emergency t.p. kit but there were 2 times I was really glad I had it and several when I wished that I did. Timing those late day runs sure can be tricky when you are training consistently and eating like an animal! Happy training!


Tanner. 11 Year Old Middle Distance Runner. Smith Haus Client.

Tanner is one of my favorite clients to work with. 11 year old middle distance runner, he is training to defend his title at his local 5k (3.1 mile road race) in May. Last year he ran it in 23 minutes and he was 10 years old. I’m excited for him to have a great experience training and racing this year. Part of his experience is getting to know about some of the top runners in the country. Watch their races and look at their form. He really likes a couple of the form drills Lauren Fleshmen does in a recent post I did you can find in the scroll bar on my blog page. Tanner reminds me of a young Dathan Ritzenhein. His form is looking great and his attitude is going to get him to the starting line feeling prepared mentally and physically. I love working with young athletes. It’s never too early to encourage a healthy attitude towards fitness and teach them that anything worth doing takes hard work and perseverance. I can modify workouts to be fun and effective at any age. Message me or call for current rate specials and information.

Interesting Running Alalysis

Okay I might just be a little bit more into running form analysis than the average person but this is a really interesting video with some cool explanations. Let’s do a video analysis of your running form and see if I can make you faster using the same amount, or less energy, just by running more efficiently. Call or message me for details.

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Eat Like An Animal- by Summer Bock<— Click link to article

If you live in the Pacific NW you really need to Take advantage of Summer’s workshops. There’s a list of them through this link. She is the person speaking in the Creating a Thriving Intestinal Ecology video you can find on the scroll bar on the top of my blog. I have met her a couple times and plan to learn from her any chance I get. Read this article and learn more at Look for her OlyKraut at select New Seasons and other stores listed on her site.

SUMMER BOCK is an Herbalist, Fermentationist and founder of OlyKraut. She runs her own practice as a Health Coach & Herbalist where she educates nutrition nerds around the world to create a thriving body and unstoppable life! Learn to resolve your health concerns by accessing your own internal healer to get rid of toxins, build natural energy levels, rebuild native intestinal ecology, and boost immune function to ultimately access your super human powers and extend your life. Visit to get geeky about nutrition.

She is the creator of the Nutrition Geek Detox, Gut Rebuilding, and Gut Check: The World’s First Fermentationist Certification Program. She is a sought-after teacher and speaker on fermentation, herbalism, gut ecology, emotional detox, and cleansing.

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Open Water Swimming Technique

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Improving core strength is a fundamental element to improving your swim time in a triathlon. A strong core keeps your body long, narrow and streamlined, ready to knife through the water. A conditioned core is also crucial to optimizing energy when rolling your body from side to side, as opposed to staying flat on the surface.

Check out this video to give you some ideas on how improving your core will increase swimming efficiency. I am working on my core very consistently right now and finding fun new ways to do it almost every day. Message me or give me a call for a great core strength session!