Tanner. 11 Year Old Middle Distance Runner. Smith Haus Client.

Tanner is one of my favorite clients to work with. 11 year old middle distance runner, he is training to defend his title at his local 5k (3.1 mile road race) in May. Last year he ran it in 23 minutes and he was 10 years old. I’m excited for him to have a great experience training and racing this year. Part of his experience is getting to know about some of the top runners in the country. Watch their races and look at their form. He really likes a couple of the form drills Lauren Fleshmen does in a recent post I did you can find in the scroll bar on my blog page. Tanner reminds me of a young Dathan Ritzenhein. His form is looking great and his attitude is going to get him to the starting line feeling prepared mentally and physically. I love working with young athletes. It’s never too early to encourage a healthy attitude towards fitness and teach them that anything worth doing takes hard work and perseverance. I can modify workouts to be fun and effective at any age. Message me or call for current rate specials and information.

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