Successful Day for Smith Haus Training

Bankd Brave Run 5/18/13

Banks Brave Run 5/18/13

Some well earned success for Smith Haus Training today as the menacing rain clouds parted just in time at the Banks Linear Trail Brave Run! Tanner, age 11 was running to better his 23 minute time from last year and defend his title as first kid across the finish line. I predicted a time of around 21 minutes for him and he came in somewhere around 21:40, learning that he could have started his final dash for the line much earlier. He was 5 overall, 3rd overall male, and once again the first kid across the finish line! 10 spots ahead of the next youth 12 and under runner! Congratulations Tanner on all of your consistent hard work and dedication. I heard people everywhere I walked talking about how impressed they were when you came flying around the track towards the finish line.

I paced myself very well through the first half of the 10k race. there was a guy about 75 yards ahead of me looking like he was pushing hard and I was surprised when he hit the 5k turnaround and came back towards me. We encouraged each other with a wave and a thumbs up and suddenly I was leading the 10k race. When I hit the 10k turnaround I saw that I did have a few hungry looking runners about 100 yards behind me but I was prepared to run faster and faster towards the finish. I started to have some cramping in my right side as I tried to sustain a faster pace. I am usually pretty good at breathing them out of my system but this one wouldn’t go away. Knowing I had some room to slow down I did so once or twice and tried all my tricks to get rid of it. It didn’t go away but subsided just enough to keep a nice lead and finish with a medium fast kick around the track. I averaged 6:31 for the 6.2 miles. I was hoping to average closer to 6 minute miles, if not just under, but not a bad start to a long season of running, cycling, and triathlons! You never know how you are going to feel when you get out there and test yourself. All you can do is just KEEP TRYING!

The event was really well organized and all the proceeds go directly towards funding technology needs at the local Banks Elementary School. It’s easy to overlook these small events as the big Rock n Roll this and mud run that comes through town. These local races have low entry fees, their for a good cause, they are great fun, and an excellent opportunity to test yourself and see where your fitness is at. Keep your eyes open for the next one near you and make it a point to do a couple a year if you can. You won’t be sorry!

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