Think it’s too cold to run? Layer up and get out there!!!


Put the tip of your tongue against the back of your top front teeth. Your tongue will warm the air as is shoots towards your trachea. Tongues are tough. They handle it well. Dress in layers like arm warmers,, ear warmers, hat scarf etc. After the first 10 minutes you should still get so warm that you start taking things off. I like to wear cycling jerseys because it’s easy and comfortable to put my phone and these extra layers in those back pockets. And if running in the cold is really not your thing, try swinging a heavy kettle bell explosively driving your hips forward for 2-10 minutes taking a break and repeating 3-10 times. Use a weight that challenges you. This will greatly reduce injuries, improve muscle balance, and help you run stronger, faster and longer. Don’t get discouraged. These tough days just make the good training days that much better.

Click the link below for some great kettlebell basics.

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