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Challenge Your Ability

Most adults in today’s world live with various imbalances. Well balanced self improvement goes far beyond lifting heavier and heavier weights. 70% of the adults I test don’t even breathe efficiently. This is important because core strength starts with your deepest abdominal muscles and because efficient breathing delivers more energy and nutrients to all the systems and every cell that makes up your body. Inefficient breathing, over the course of time has compounding negative affects that slowly but surely contribute to malfunction, even failure, of cells, organs, or entire systems. Especially your digestive, exhaust, and immune systems.

Sure we do some fun and sometimes complicated movements and exercises like high low carries, Turkish get ups, and kettlebell snatches but getting you in the habbit of functional activation of your core more frequently on your own will allow you more energy throughout the day, eliminate and prevent back pain, and will create a deeper, stronger base of core strength that we can further challenge in our sessions together.

Correcting posture and neutralizing imbalances, most often around the hips and shoulders, has a huge impact on your daily life that will have you looking and feeling better and avoiding nagging pains and small injuries many people falsely associate with regular physical training.

I champion a world where we don’t take our health and our bodies for granted. Remember that high temperature, horrible throat infection, injury, or stomach virus? I know you promised yourself you would appreciate every day your body worked well, but do you? I believe we should celebrate fitness and challenge ourselves to maintain a proactive approach that prevents injuries, sickness, and chronic illness that most people falsely assume are left to chance. Every time you get sick or injured there was something you missed that could have prevented it. Diet, sleep, exercise, even certain breathing exercises can change your perspective from hoping to avoid illness to proatively enjoying true wellness.

2014-02-25 22.15.37 (1) woman


1)A term given to a person who is amazing in all aspects of life.
2)To be really really ridiculously good at something

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