Who should lift weight for fitness? Everyone. YES WOMEN even you!!!!

Lift Weight Lose Fat: Why Women Need to Strength Train – By Allison Moyer <—Click link to article*

It happens ALL THE TIME. Around the facility I work at I am known at the triathlete and “Running Guru” and it’s pretty obvious with my “Run Oregon” socks and compression sleeves on while I stand at the fitness department desk. People, especially women both young and not so young, will come up to me and say “I want to increase my strength”,  or “I’m a recreational runner and I want to incorporate some strength training into my exercise”. And I say “Great let me show you a few things”. I take them through my favorite core exercises involving plank and bridge variations, both static and dynamic (with and without movement), and usually some single leg bodyweight deadlift type movements that also have some variations which is always challenging and a little fun as they wobble and learn to balance and they feel how challenging it is.

Then I walk them over to the weights and start demonstrating a basic deadlift and power clean with a barbell and their face and body language changes. As if we just turned down a dark alley they thought they would never enter. This “scary tool” is a simple straight bar with a couple tiny weights or wood circles that get the bar off the ground just enough so you can sneak your toes under it. They look around to see who is watching and start shallow breathing. Finally it blurts out of their lips:

  • I don’t want to lift. I want to tone up.
  • I don’t want to lift because I don’t want to be bulky.
  • I don’t want to look like a bodybuilder.
  • I just want to feel better when I run.
  • I’d just like to be more athletic.

The truth is I believed some of these popular misconceptions in the past myself. I thought all my running and cycling up hills was all the strength training I really needed. Core strength was the focus and the rest was built up through different degrees of resistance in my cardio heavy training. While studying exercise science I was introduced to all of these weight training moves I neglected for so long. I now feel stronger, more athletic, more confident, more injury resistant, and haven’t felt this well balanced in my entire life! Kettlebells are my favorite tool to help people gain lean muscle and functional strength and they are versatile through different stages of training (stability, strength, power, speed).

The “I don’t want to lift because I don’t want to be bulky” comment is a widely accepted mentality that is ruining the health of women all over the world! Those women body builders look that way BY INTENT. Their look is achieved through very extreme measures, usually including hormone therapy (steroids) along with strength and conditioning programs designed to make you look as muscular as possible with no desire to actually improve physical performance.  They are usually not actually worried about becoming stronger, or better conditioned, or even remaining healthy. They are a totally different monster that you will not magically transform into unless you really adopt very specific body building methods that 98% of people wouldn’t even enjoy if they tried it.

Cardio does have it’s benefits and depending on your goals it may or may not be appropriate for people with lower levels of stability. If you are trying to lose weight the whole calories in calories out approach is a very small percentage of your fitness equation. The biggest percentage being eating clean healthy unprocessed FOOD. Eat the right kinds of carbs, lean proteins, and healthy FATS! Learn to support your activity without promoting the storage of body fat. Your workout should include challenging weights, high intensity movements, even short hard sprints. Reduce or eliminate refined sugars completely. Eenjoy life outside of that shitty sweat stinking gym and look like a healthy, beautiful, athletic Human.


Muscle weighs more than fat! Losing fat and gaining muscle can be confusing. You can lose  inches on your waist and gain a few numbers when you step on the scale. Don’t get hung up on the numbers. Get hung up on how you look and feel. Studies have demonstrated that after a weight training workout, the metabolism can be boosted for up to or longer than 36 hours post workout, meaning rather than burning say 60 calories an hour while sitting ans watching tv you’re burning 70. While you may think, “Big deal- 10 extra calories”, when you multiply this by 36 hours, 3,500 calories, you can see what a huge difference that makes in your daily calorie expenditure over that day and a half. When you figure out that on a monthly rate, it becomes even clearer how regular participation in a weight lifting session will really increase your calorie burning and thus fat burning capacity. Stay consistent with your training and reap the rewards! Small consistent efforts are more beneficial that one long hard workout every several days. One client of mine works in the medical field and there is a scale in every room so she ends up weighing herself all the time. Now instead of getting on the scale she does 20-40 seconds of core activation and a few squat jumps. It’s a whole new world full of accomplishment and activity instead of disappointment and despair. Guess how she is feeling!?!?!

With cardio training, you might get an extra 40-80 calories burned after a moderate paced session, and this will depend upon the exact intensity and duration of the workout. And boy does that cardio make you HUNGRY! How many calories and what quality of food are you going to eat after that session that will contribute to your health and support a positive outcome from the calories in calories out approach?

Are you seeing how this works? It sounds cheesy but I love the saying “Exercise makes you look good in your clothes. Working out makes you look good naked”. And everyone that knows me has heard me say “Excuses make you weaker, challenges make you stronger”. And that is why the Smith Haus Training motto is:

“Eat clean, strengthen your core, challenge your strength”.

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Basic Nutrition Tips for the Endurance Athlete. <– Click link.

This article explains the basic nutrition every endurance athlete should know. Remember that if you are getting ready for a race longer than a 10k run, or over an hour (40+ minutes in hot conditions) or so of competing in any discipline, practicing your nutrition plan leading up to the event is crucial. Otherwise you are just rolling the dice and hoping your body will feel great as you try to push yourself harder and harder while ingesting whatever is available that day. Your stomach naturally has less blood flow to help it function properly when it is in motion. Practicing your nutrition plan obviously allows you to find the right combination of food and drink that works well in your system but it also improves how your system handles the stress of calories and liquids being processed while you are moving. S.A.I.D. or specific adaptation to imposed demand, is often talked about when training your muscles but it is even more important for optimal functioning of the systems inside of your body. And being able to eat your calories more than drinking them is proving to be the most effective form of mid race fueling. You should plan to eat something when training, anything at all you can grab as you head out the door or on to your trainer or tread mill. Banana, nut/ protein bar, pb&j sandwich, jerky, m&m’s, cookies, crackers, crab legs, roasted chicken. I don’t know just keep eating. I like to run wearing cycling jerseys because those back pockets are perfect for holding food and supplies. Anything you can stuff in a pocket using a paper towel, bag, or it’s own natural casing could work. No I haven’t tried crab legs yet but I won’t knock it until I do. Bring a wet nap for those stinky hands! And it never hurts to throw some t.p. in a little plastic bag. Whatever goes in… I hope your running trail isn’t very busy. Worst case scenario here is you don’t use your emergency t.p. kit but there were 2 times I was really glad I had it and several when I wished that I did. Timing those late day runs sure can be tricky when you are training consistently and eating like an animal! Happy training!



Eat Like An Animal- by Summer Bock<— Click link to article

If you live in the Pacific NW you really need to Take advantage of Summer’s workshops. There’s a list of them through this link. She is the person speaking in the Creating a Thriving Intestinal Ecology video you can find on the scroll bar on the top of my blog. I have met her a couple times and plan to learn from her any chance I get. Read this article and learn more at http://www.summerbock.com. Look for her OlyKraut at select New Seasons and other stores listed on her site.

SUMMER BOCK is an Herbalist, Fermentationist and founder of OlyKraut. She runs her own practice as a Health Coach & Herbalist where she educates nutrition nerds around the world to create a thriving body and unstoppable life! Learn to resolve your health concerns by accessing your own internal healer to get rid of toxins, build natural energy levels, rebuild native intestinal ecology, and boost immune function to ultimately access your super human powers and extend your life. Visit SummerBock.com to get geeky about nutrition.

She is the creator of the Nutrition Geek Detox, Gut Rebuilding, and Gut Check: The World’s First Fermentationist Certification Program. She is a sought-after teacher and speaker on fermentation, herbalism, gut ecology, emotional detox, and cleansing.

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Most people now realize they should avoid the cheap juices because they contain high amounts of fructose that if taken in large quantities can cause very serious health problems. Now we know there can be rather dangerous chemicals in the juices you drink in the morning before your workout or put in your kids sippy cup. Read this article to learn where it comes from on our farmland, and naturally in some drinking water, and how to avoid it.

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Creating a Thriving Intestinal Ecology

Creating a Thriving Intestinal Ecology. People keep talking about GUT FLORA. What is it and how does it affect your health? What is cleansing and what does it do? What exactly does sugar do inside my body? Truth is your intestinal ecology is responsible for immune defense and absorption of nutrients. It sets the stage for balance, or imbalance, that affects every aspect of your health including digestive health, mental health, joint health, stress tolerance, frequency of illness, environmental allergies, hair, and skin. 70-90% of your immune system defense is in your intestines. Some really interesting facts in this video including cleansing, sugar digestion, antibiotics, pro biotics,  mineral needs, and antibacterial products.


The facts about our current food system.

Learn some of the basic facts about our current food system. What are you eating, how was it grown, where did it come from? Get informed about your nutrition. Paying for better quality food now means paying hospitals less later. Watch this fun video and dip your toes in the water of understanding our current food system.