Open Water Swimming Technique

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Improving core strength is a fundamental element to improving your swim time in a triathlon. A strong core keeps your body long, narrow and streamlined, ready to knife through the water. A conditioned core is also crucial to optimizing energy when rolling your body from side to side, as opposed to staying flat on the surface.

Check out this video to give you some ideas on how improving your core will increase swimming efficiency. I am working on my core very consistently right now and finding fun new ways to do it almost every day. Message me or give me a call for a great core strength session!

Wondering when you should start thinking more seriously about next years races?

Wondering when you should start thinking more seriously about next years races? Start getting ready now! Unless you feel burnt out from this years training and races, now is the perfect time to start planning the path you will take to work towards your next personal record. Starting regular stability work now will give you a stronger base to build your training plan on. A larger base means greater potential for building strength, power, and speed in a well timed approach to your goal races next season. This phase of your training should be a fun, relaxed, and regular part of your daily schedule. 5-10 minutes of core and stability work every day adds up quick! It can be as simple as a breathing exercise or a quick circuit of planks, turkish get ups, and single arm/ single leg exercises. Bring a couple friends down and have some fun with, ropes, sledge hammers, balance balls, kettle bells, vibration plates, foam rollers, and more! 631-255-5091 text or call for appointment details.