Open Water Swimming Technique

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Improving core strength is a fundamental element to improving your swim time in a triathlon. A strong core keeps your body long, narrow and streamlined, ready to knife through the water. A conditioned core is also crucial to optimizing energy when rolling your body from side to side, as opposed to staying flat on the surface.

Check out this video to give you some ideas on how improving your core will increase swimming efficiency. I am working on my core very consistently right now and finding fun new ways to do it almost every day. Message me or give me a call for a great core strength session!

The basics of good running form.

Probably over 90% of people I see running around the streets out there are hurting themselves just by running wrong. It really bothers me because they could be running faster and more efficiently with the same or even less effort. And every time their foot lands it is doing more harm to their body than good. Want to learn more about running? Work toward a goal time in a road race next year? Let me know how I can help. I have access to some great equipment that you’ll never see at LA Fitness or 24 Hour fitness. Come try a fun private or group workout designed to work towards your goals. Call, text, or e-mail me for scheduling.