Favorite Resources

Comment at the bottom and let us know what you think and how these exercises help!

7.5 minute workout full of POWER


Ask me how to get similar results anywhere without this fun equipment. Circulation is the KEY TO RECOVERY!!!

Some Great running drills with one of my favorite OREGON runners, Lauren Fleshman

The Turkish get up is a great exercise for several reasons. There are some amazing variations of it we like at Smith Haus Training. If you are not impressed by this 62lb TGU I’d bet you have never tried one.

Breathing is tremendously important. Let’s practice it more and make it a strength to draw on instead of a point of weakness! This is one of several breathing exercises we do at Smith Haus Training

Having trouble mastering the KB swing? Watch this amazingly informative video and keep practicing. It’ll all come together!

REMEMBER: I like to do this exercise going down on my left elbow first 2 times then my right elbow first 2 times. That’s one set. Can you do 2 sets in a row? 6 sets? If you activate your core like this regularly for as little as 45 seconds to 3 minutes or more at a time it will make your body have a positive hormonal response to exercise as well create a strong base of core strength we can challenge further in our sessions.

Check out some of the things I work on regularly with my running clients. Great video!!!

Here is a list of our favorite sites for information on a wide variety of wellness topics. Varied perspective is a most valuable tool when personalizing your journey toward fulfilled human potential!












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