At Smith Haus we believe in striving to reach our full potential, and helping other reach theirs is our responsibility to humanity. Human Potential is boundless, the only real limits are the ones we place on ourselves. Smith Haus Wellness philosophy can be summed up in five simple strategies:

Live & Eat Clean

Breathe for Your Life

Strengthen Your Core

Challenge Your Ability

Rinse and Repeat

 Wellness is achieved when determination meets knowledge and is multiplied by desire. You have to want to change, and be open to the ideas of wellness, including nutrition, dynamic breathing, core strength that creates a foundation of physical and mental health, challenging yourself beyond your previous abilities, and finally myofascial release (foam rolling/trigger point/rinsing). This combination of tactics is essential for all physical or athletic goals. Wellness springs from a positive attitude about caring for the self, and striving for highest potential through the small everyday choices that contribute to the whole of you. Wellness is a path toward the destination of intended desires, every step along the journey is custom designed for your ultimate evolution. You must believe you deserve to improve and you will!

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