Live & Eat Clean

Cleanliness in all things…

Often when I talk to people about eating clean they kind of roll their eyes and picture me being an obsessive nutrition freak. Nothing could be further from the truth but the fact is that a large percentage of the food available in the U.S. today contains things that you really do not want to be consuming on a regular basis. Learning to eat cleaner doesn’t need to be a pantry clearing life changing moment. Instead, think of it as taking baby steps one at a time to slowly and comfortable find ways to reduce and eliminate processed foods and preservatives one step at a time. As you learn things like how much better grass fed beef is for you then other meats that are often also marketed as being healthier, you start to make better decisions that go a long way towards creating better wellness for you and your family.  In my house we also like to consume naturally fermented vegetables to get probiotics that create a base of health and wellness to build on. We drink water with lemon for it’s alkalizing benefits. And I love being aware of anti inflammatory foods like turmeric root and ginger that helps me feel better with the constant stress and recovery I put my body through with training.

I used to be a Dr Pepper drinking, Taco Bell chalupa loving person. Now I do totally avoid soda but I still live on burritos. I make them myself and they are full of amazing nutritious ingredients. In fact I call them LIFE GIVING BURRITOS and yes, they work! If I can take steps in the right direction so can you. And I still eat things that might surprise you. Just being aware and trying to make a larger portion of your diet healthier is the best you can do. If it feels like you are punishing yourself you are not doing something right.

Our exhaust systems are bombarded with chemicals in our environment. I don’t just mean those pollutants in the air and water from the farms and factories. The deodorant you put on, the soaps you use on your skin, the hair products, the fabric softeners, toothpaste, dish soaps, and even air fresheners and sanitizers. Our exhaust systems can handle amazing amounts of these pollutants but they do take a toll. Eventually it does cause a malfunction or failure. There are more natural solutions for all of these things that we use around the environments that we spent the most amount of time in. Slowly improving the quality of what you and your family come into contact with all day long is HUGE for avoiding some of the most chronic diseases we face today.


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