Strengthen Your Core

At the core of Self lives the potential for all, make it strong and so shall you be…



Many people know that core strength is important but so many people, athletes, and even coaches and trainers are not aware of the best place to start or the most functional way to make improvements. Even when they try regularly to make improvements to their core strength they are not doing the right exercises and movements to correctly target the true core. In fact, many exercises that people associate with core strength actually target the hip flexors as the primary muscle group they are activating. Although this can often lead to some soreness in your core muscles making you to believe you are on the right path you are actually creating and exacerbating muscle imbalances in your hips that will very often lead to powerplankrowoveruse injuries (especially in runners that already have tight hip flexors).

At Smith Haus Training we use a very effective mixture of breathing, isometric and dynamic exercises, body-weight and resistance based, that give you the functional core strength to build your health around as you work towards achieving your goals. Get sick less (or not at all), avoid injury, train more consistently, and see how far you can go. Watch your initial goals become stepping stones as you learn to create a stronger version of yourself you didn’t know was possible.



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