33 comments on “Testimonials

  1. Peter is a highly skilled, knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer. I can’t thank him enough for getting me strong! The chronic back pain that limited my activity level, prior to working with Peter, is completely gone. Schedule an appontment with Peter, get to work at Smithhaus and the results will speak for themselves.

  2. Pete and Smithhaus Training took the time and careful attention to properly let me understand the good and bad of how way I moved, exercised, and worked out. His vigor for life and health has inspired me for the upcoming rainy season!!!

  3. I have worked with Peter in both individual and group settings for more than one year. He is an enthusiastic and highly competent trainer; customizing work outs to best meet his clients needs.

  4. Peter has been very helpful in teaching us new and interesting ways to exercise, and keeping it fresh and interesting every time. Thanks Peter!

  5. Within minutes of meeting Peter, you know he clearly loves what he does, and his love of fitness is contagious. My husband and I started training with Peter together and have been able to realize real improvements in our strength and overall form over time, mostly thanks to all the core work Peter had us do to lay this foundation. The workouts are never stale and he’s the first trainer I’ve worked with who has ever pushed my muscles to exhaustion.

  6. Pete is an enthusiastic and thoughtful trainer who I love working with. He puts a lot of effort into an individualized training plan specific to me. He pushes me just the right amount to make me stronger, faster, healthier, and more confident in myself and my athletic abilities. He is creative in his tactics which keeps working out fun and stimulating. Pete is a pleasure to work with.

  7. Working out with Peter the last couple of years has been enlightening & exhausting! He is well versed in fitness, nutrition & holistic well being. My husband and I often workout together & Peter is able to successfully challenge the both of us at a brisk pace. I appreciate his positive attitude & friendly encouragement!

  8. Peter is an amazing trainer. He really listens to each of his clients, and pushes them in an appropriate way. He is knowledgable about running and is great at personalizing my training to improve my running.

  9. I have been training with Pete for about a year now, and he is the best person I have worked with. I am in the best shape I have been and am able to easily maintain it with Petes sessions. I used to do crossfit and found the one on one coaching Pete offers is able to drive the desired results I have been looking to get out of my body for years. I would highly recommend Pete to everyone.

  10. When I first met Peter I simply asked him about different stretches/exercises to help get my ruptured achilles back in working order, not only did he give me some helpful hints (with a smile) he was able to tell me some other issues I have stability wise. He is a trainer that I love to try and hate 😛 He gives difficult exercises that I ‘just have to try’ then have to give him a couple of sets, but he does it so nicely I (almost) feel bad for making angry faces at him. All the same I definitely feel the burn (for days) after working out with him and definitely see some results

  11. Peter is an amazing trainer. He listens to what I want and need. He mixes up the work outs so I don’t get bored. I would recommend him to others

  12. Peter has been my trainer for almost 1 year. He is skilled, encouraging and reliable – a true delight to train with! Not only is Peter highly skilled and knowledgeable , he is also very down to earth and fun.
    I look forward to every workout and each one is different. Peter is one of a kind. Thanks Peter!

  13. I’ve been trained by Peter a few times. He’s great at explaining the different moves and keeps the workouts challenging and fun.

  14. Peter has worked with me in the past to improve my run. The drills are great and his instruction while out running really helped me concentrate on efficiency.

  15. I chose Peter as my trainer when I decided to run my first half marathon. I had a great experience and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, skilled and passionate trainer. He is great at motivating his clients and keeping them safe…he will help you train smartly. I went on to run four half marathons and am now training for my fifth. Peter’s teachings have helped me both mentally and physically get to this point.

  16. I’ve been working out with Peter for the last couple years. Can’t say enough good things! He has a great attitude and deep breadth of knowledge.
    Peter has introduced me to an entirely new chorus of exercises and methodology regarding working out. My wife and I both enjoy the challenge and support he brings to our fitness goals!
    Thanks Peter!

  17. I worked with Peter over the course of a few weeks for a project I was working on within intel. His expertise as a running coach was apparent every step of the way as well as his consummate professionalism. It was a pleasure to work with Peter and I certainly hope to do so again in the future either professionally or personally.

  18. Pete was an integral part in helping me complete my goal of running a half marathon this year. When I was injured, frustrated and ready to quit another client of his encouraged me to see him. Right away I knew I had made the right choice. We customized a plan for me based on my injuries, my goals and my areas that needed strengthening. I got through my race injury free and feeling triumphant and it was thanks to Pete. I continue to see him and love the ever changing and dynamic approach he takes with my fitness. What a fountain of knowledge!

  19. Hi there!
    Thank you so much for your wisdom on endurance running Peter! It was super helpful learning how to run properly!! The proper technique and form helped me to run pain free, since I was suffering some sciatic injury!
    Really appreciated it!
    Thank you!

  20. Peter is an amazing trainer who will get you the results you are looking for no matter what your goals. I would recommend clients and/or friends to him without hesitation.

  21. I met Peter Smith on the Velodrome at Alpenrose, and later on had the pleasure of working with him in a 4-man cycling team time trial, and on a couple road races working together to execute a team strategy. Two things really stood out for me about Peter — 1) his level of fitness was powerful as he demonstrated great flexibility: he is both quick and showed strong endurance — 2) his commitment to his teammates was excellent; he was always willing to help a teammate work on their cycling goals and was dedicated to helping the group dynamic get stronger.

  22. I met Peter at NPTI Portland, almost a year ago now and right off the bat knew this man knows what he was talking about. He is a fierce competitor in marathons and triathlons and has an abundance of information to share on both topics, especially when it comes to form and being injury free! He is very passionate about his field, which always comes to the show when training with him, making him a great and enthusiastic trainer to be around.
    I am happy to say Peter is a professional and personal friend of mine, and have really enjoyed getting to know him this past year.

  23. It’s been a great pleasure working with Peter both in school and professionally. My son Tanner is 11 years old and plays soccer and runs in 5k events. Tanner went to Peter 6 months ago asking for help to defend his title for the Brave Run on May 18, 2013. Tanner ran an average mile in 7.5 minutes. Since he has been training with Peter he has developed a stronger core base, strength in his legs and has become considerably faster. As of yesterday Tanner’s time is a 6 min mile. Tanner and Peter were very happy with these results. Peter takes his job as a trainer serious and is determined to get the results his clients are looking for. Peter is dedicated to each client to meet their need and is focused on them only during training. Tanner loves working with Peter and this is what he says, “I like Peter because he pushes me, he makes me work hard and I sweat. And when I don’t think I can do more he talks to me, makes me laugh and then encourages me to push through it. Peter is firm un-like other coaches at school and soccer. Peter is my Trainer and I am proud to call him my friend” As a mother and trainer my self I have seen and worked with Peter in both capacities and he is very diverse in being able to work with anyone. Thank you Peter for all your dedication to helping Tanner reach his goals.

  24. I have been training with Peter now for about 2 months and have noticed a huge improvement in my posture and drive to become a more healthy person. Peter is inspiring making me want to be a more healthy person. My core strength has helped me to be more aware of my posture. Also, when I get discouraged Peter makes me feel better about taking things on day at a time and keeping at it!

  25. I’ve known Peter for over 5 years. In that time, I have watched him go from an athletic individual to a serious athlete/competitor. He has always worked hard to better himself and now he is helping others do the same. He is a great motivator and instructor. Anyone who spends a couple minutes with Peter can see his passion for his work along with his knowledge and wisdom. I believe anyone who gets to work with Peter will see his dedication and feel completely satisfied with what he has to offer.

  26. I have been working with Peter for 4 weeks. 1 day a week. He has tightened up my balance, breathing, and technique to enhance my workout to its maximum. He has taught me a way to curve what I know about working out, such as, “a workout is not a 45 min block of your day, but multiple activation workouts throughout the day.”
    Each time I work out with Peter, I try to surpass the goals he gives me to show him that I am in it. My drive has increased and my body is transforming into a condition I like.
    Kettle bells and yoga are my favorite forms of working out. I have found kettle bells to be a low impact yet rigorous exercise.
    I have found myself trying to impress him with each workout. One better than the next. Looking forward to this weeks workout.
    Joe M

  27. Thank you Peter, for being so awesome at what you do. Our workout today is already kicking in! I can barely lift my arms or squat down. I have really enjoyed working with you the last 7 weeks and look forward to all the rest.

  28. In a very short time working with Peter, I have dramatically improved as a runner. He not only coached me on form, cadence, breathing and balance, he also taught me how to run more effectively with less effort and the correct specific cross-training to strengthen my core muscles. No amount of reading fitness articles or running magazines could have ever given the same benefit as the personal and knowledgeable training from Peter. After only two sessions, I improved my 10k PR by seven minutes! I have recommended him to several friends and will continue to do so to many in the future. Thank you, Peter!

  29. I’ve known Pete for quite sometime now. When he made his transition into healthy living and a healthy lifestyle, my friends and I didn’t pay much attention to it.

    As time wore on and we all got older, a lot of us started to think maybe we should have strayed down the path that Pete has. He had such a head start on all of us and anyone could tell. Just from his body structure, to his habits, to his performance with running, biking, and swimming.

    As time wore on and I decided that I needed to go down this golden path that Pete has found and paved, I started to love it for a few reasons.

    One is the ease that Pete seems to have with teaching and projecting his thoughts and ideas onto his students. He paves a way for you and makes you feel like you can do anything. Even if you can’t achieve the goal you want right away, Pete will make it seem attainable.

    The other reason is that he makes it fun. He has a different way to approach workouts. Keeps it interesting and fun, Nothing is monotonous. Its hard work, but its always new and its always fun.

    Pete has taught me that not only is working out, doing your drills, and using different approaches to your daily routines, that your diet is the majority of what makes you successful. Your diet keeps you fueled to where you want to go with your daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

    Plus he has taught me and kept me interested all from the other side of the country!

    Being in the north east it’s rough in the winter, but Pete always keeps me in the correct routine for the weather I am experiencing. Cold, snow, rain, heat. It doesn’t matter. Pete knows what he is doing and I appreciate everything he has taught me and everything he has helped me with.

    Thank you so much Pete!

    Brian M.

  30. Watching Peter grow as an athlete has been awesome. From training for races to watching him compete. And now, personal trainer. What a transformation!!
    Peter is incredibly knowledgeable about his passion in fitness. Not only does he know what he’s talking about, he truly believes in it. He knows so much about running, biking, exercising, eating healthy…the list goes on!
    Peter is very focused on making sure that you understand the importance of doing exercises that are appropriate for you and your condition. It is so easy to understand and follow along with him when he teaches. He breaks it down for you and explains not only how to do it, but why you’re doing it that way and what exactly it’s doing for your body. .
    Although Peter is not yet my “trainer”, just a very generous in his teachings brother-in-law, I have heard nothing but excellent reviews from a couple of his trainees.

  31. From the start I’ve been very impressed with Peter, he definitely stands far above near every other trainer I’ve ever met or worked with. He’s very knowledgeable and skilled, easy to communicate with, and is just plain fun to work with. It’s been a great experience working with Peter!

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