CW Team

Smith Haus Corporate Wellness Team


Meghan Smith- Wellness Information Specialist- Make your home and work environment healthier by learning ways to reduce toxins in your immediate environment and diet. Meghan will share some great information that will have an immediate and profound affect on your long term health. She also plays a big role in client relations and coordinating our wellness team.


Coach Pete

Coach Pete

Coach Pete- Learn the basics of true core strength and progress forward as you have fun challenging your ability. Participate in sessions designed to be a well rounded piece of your wellness puzzle. With years of corporate wellness sessions around the Portland area he can customize private and group sessions that are fun and goal oriented. Pete has a strong focus on core strength and functional movement that is beneficial at any level, and fun as you progress.


Coach Kellie

Coach Kellie

Coach Kellie- Find the right approach to your nutritional health with this talented and experienced guide. She is also a top notch personal trainer and will help you with information and guidance throughout your path to wellness. Kellie’s experience as an instructor at the National Personal Training Institute where she continues to teach nutrition and exercise science means she brings a depth of knowledge and experience to help people with a vast array of issues, complications, and goals. This valuable member of our team will have an immediate impact on the strength of yours.



David Emery L.M.T.

David Emery L.M.T.- David’s inborn ability to make people feel great makes him the anchor of our corporate wellness team. He is extremely skilled in Swedish Massage, Sport Massage, And Deep Tissue Massage. He is very in tune with your body energy and never ceases to impress clients with his depth of knowledge and talent. He welcomes challenges and can liaison with your physical therapist or other service providers if applicable (accident/ injury recovery, chronic pain, etc). Making David a part of your regular incentive program will ensure active participation in your company’s wellness program and assure immediate as well as long term success.



Rachel Gilman

Rachel Gilman is a very talented healthcare professional. She specializes in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Making her a part of your regular incentive program will ensure active participation in your company’s wellness program and assure immediate long term success. Her well balanced approach to overall health and her passion for alternative wellness and natural remedies for better emotional and physical health will reduce, or even eliminate, the use of medication and regular trips to see a physician.


As an active athlete and trainer in the Portland area I have formed connections to some of the most talented and inspirational health and fitness professionals around town. Contact me to get referrals and discounts to service providers of all kinds. Including:

Referrals and/or discounts to:

Neurokinetic Therapy- Corrective movement system that addresses the cause of pain – dysfunctional movement patterns stored in the brain. Stop chasing symptoms around and find the root of your ailments

Massage Therapy Sessions @ Dave Emmery Massage




Personal Training

Small Group Training

Recovery Sessions

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