CW Philosophy






Smith Haus Corporate Wellness Philosophy


 When you think of a corporate wellness session you might picture a boot camp where you test your limits and crawl back to your desk. Truth is anyone that calls themselves a personal trainer can do that. At Smith Haus we have assembled an experienced, results driven team that believes in giving you the tools and information to work consistently towards your goals after our session together ends. Our well rounded approach to health and wellness focuses on improving your home and working environments, nutrition, and physical fitness in a way that doesn’t feel like starting a fad diet or jumping on an exercise bandwagon. Our program is designed to help clients take informed, realistic, and comfortable steps towards healthier lifestyle choices and practices that will have far reaching affects in their personal and professional lives. At Smith Haus we sincerely believe corporate wellness programs are not only valuable for the organizations and their employees, they are a major opportunity to impact the national health crisis. A successful corporate wellness session can leave you feeling refreshed and breathe energy, creativity, and teamwork into your coworkers but if that heart pounding limit testing session on your lunch break style sounds appealing to you or part of your team we can totally bring it!


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