Form & Function

Physical Training:

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Functional Body Conditioning

Breathe, Move, Lift, Swing

Become a stronger version of yourself as you learn to use and challenge your strength from the inside out. Feel better, look better, and avoid injury and illness as you work toward your physical goals.

FBC Goals:

  • Restoring and maintaining a naturally effective breathing pattern to minimize energy loss/ maximize oxygen transfer into bloodstream.
  • Myofascial Release to promote tensegrity and healthier movement through a full range of motion.
  • Whole body strength and conditioning, starting with the deepest core muscles, with a focus on proper function through the kinetic chain.
  • Combining strength, resistance cardio training, and high intensity intervals to challenge whole body coordination with force production in functional positions to improve the neural connectivity between the mind and the muscle while stimulating multiple muscles to fire sequentially.


  FBC Wrdl

If you don’t breathe you don’t move/ force=mass x acceleration/Power=the ability of the body to produce force quickly

grp run 2

Interactive Lectures:

Enhanced Running 

Form, Function, Fitness for all levels.

Improving is what makes running fun!

Learn everything you need to know to improve your running: beginner or avid road racer. This course includes:

 current events in running

 anatomy of a muscle/muscle fascia, foam rolling, core strength development, dynamic vs. static stretching

 proper form/breathing

injury prevention/common injuries, compression vs icing

 workouts/basic maintenance, running drills, treadmill tips

basic program design/goal setting, running nutrition, cross training

gear/types of footwear, all weather info

local running/clubs, races, groups

practical application/post class group run and track workouts.



Specialized Services:

Vibration plate training increases your rate of force development and decreases your electro-mechanical delay. And it can dramatically decrease recovery time between workouts.


Releasing tight muscles is as important as strengthening weak ones. Create a balance that makes you stronger and more efficient!

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