*Recovery Sessions*


Vibration, Inversion, Massage, and Movement. Dramatically accelerate your recovery so you can train more consistently. Icing, compression, massage therapy, and other recovery modalities all have their positive and negative aspects to them and they only help you recover from your past workout. Our recovery session focuses on using circulation and muscle stimulation to harness and improve your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Icing too often can work against your body’s natural healing process. Compression has limitations on controlling it’s variables and what areas it covers. Circulation and stimulation have endless potential to improve your immediate recover as well as your long term ability to recover more quickly from future physical stress as you harness and support the body’s ability to excel at the natural process it is well designed for. Studies have shown that the vibration platform immediately provides an increase in oxygen that flows through your body’s blood; thus increasing blood circulation in the body. Studies have shown that as soon as a person begins using the vibration platform, circulation is increased in the body.

The increased blood flow is encouraged and increased by the contraction of the muscles through a routine on the vibration platform. As blood flow and oxygen increases the blood is better able to deliver nutrients to the cells within your body for optimal health, performance, and recovery.

Make an appointment to come in after your hard workouts, long runs, rides, or races. Exactly when you think you may ave overdone it and you might not be able to workout for a few days. Come in at your worst!!! Use myofascial release, vibration plate therapy, breathing, and movement to supercharge your recovery. I encourage people to utilize this training facility as a place of self improvement. Learn to use the space and equipment it offers for your recovery as well as part of your strength and conditioning. Think of how much you could improve with handfuls of extra training days thanks to a proactive, healthy, and natural approach to recovery.

The Smith Haus approach to wellness is awareness of maintaining an environment of health as you build and condition a stronger version of yourself. Ultimately you are on a quest to excel at your sport, whether your sport is just becoming a healthier active person or you are trying to PR at an endurance race. Of course nutrition plays a big role but if you are training at any level recovery is an aspect of your training where you can be more active. Learning to be more active in your recovery teaches you to to control how long it takes to recover from workouts of various intensities. Having faster, more controlled recovery times means a higher volume of quality training.   That means extra quality training under your belt as you work towards you goals. Remember, it’s not the workouts that make you stronger, it’s during the recovery from them that we increase our strength and abilities.


The human function curve 3.1


Initial Session $45: Coach led instruction through muscle activation, self myofascial release, inversion table, low impact movement, trigger point therapy, core activation, and stretching. 45-60+ minutes depending on your needs and ability.


Return Session $40: Coach led instruction through muscle activation, self myofascial release, inversion table, low impact movement, trigger point therapy, core activation, and stretching. 45-60+ minutes depending on your needs and ability.

Small group recovery– $25 each: Come in with your friend/ training partner after your race, run, or hard workout. Great value and fun way to recover together from your hard effort so you will both feel better quickly and train more effectively. Limit is 2 people at a time because of the equipment and flow of the session.


Independent Recovery Session $30: We’ve worked on your recovery before. Pay a drop in fee, consult with coach Pete about your condition and needs and take yourself through the recovery modalities that best suit your needs. Coach Pete is available for assistance and support along the way. 45- 75 minutes depending on your needs and ability. 5 sessions $120, 10 sessions $225, 25 sessions $550



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One comment on “*Recovery Sessions*

  1. The recovery session with Pete after my Helvetia half marathon helped me recover quickly after my run. The best thing I did for my body.
    Thank you for all your knowledge and support!!!

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