Run Coaching

Lake Stevens 70.3 mile race 7/15/12

Lake Stevens 70.3 mile race 7/15/12

I truly enjoy the multisport world but running was my first love. I am constantly practicing, researching, and growing as a coach and athlete. I have had great success in helping youth and adults progress their running abilities and reach goals large and small. Let me know where you are with your running and what your goals are.

Improvements over time are a big part of what makes running fun. Functional strength training will increase your performance while drastically reducing risk of injuries and setbacks that would otherwise impede both volume and intensity of a seemingly ambitious training plan. With the right combination of strength and conditioning, constantly working on recovery as well as performance, and a progressive training plan based on your goals and desired scheduling, you can often make great improvements just by focusing on quality over quantity, which will also increase as a natural side affect of staying healthy and avoiding injury. Watch those ambitions turn into stepping stones toward your goal as your base of core strength, along with overall health and wellness, all come together to help you get one step further on the quest to realize your human potential.






TRAINING PLANS– Tailored to your schedule, ability, and goals!


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Bankd Brave Run 5/18/13

Bankd Brave Run 5/18/13


“In a very short time working with Peter, I have dramatically improved as a runner. He not only coached me on form, cadence, breathing and balance, he also taught me how to run more effectively with less effort and the correct specific cross-training to strengthen my core muscles. No amount of reading fitness articles or running magazines could have ever given the same benefit as the personal and knowledgeable training from Peter. After only two sessions, I improved my 10k PR by seven minutes! I have recommended him to several friends and will continue to do so to many in the future. Thank you, Peter!”- Shadia Nagati


“The other reason is that he makes it fun. He has a different way to approach workouts. Keeps it interesting and fun, Nothing is monotonous. Its hard work, but its always new and its always fun. “- Brian Mudzinski


“I signed up to run my first half marathon and knew I would need the help of a good trainer to get me to race day. My goal was to complete the half without getting injured along the way. With about 14 weeks before my race I found Peter Smith. From the beginning I knew he was a good fit for me. He is passionate about what he does and is very knowledgeable. He made our workouts fun and ensured that I was doing the right cross-training and strength training necessary to get me through without injury. Even after my half marathon was complete I continued training with Peter to keep up my skills during the off-season. Now I am signed up for four more races, including two halfs. If you are looking for an excellent personal trainer, I highly recommend Peter.- Lisa Katon

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