Triathlon Training


Lake Stevens 70.3 mile race 7/15/12

Lake Stevens 70.3 mile race 7/15/12

So many great multi sport events in our region!!! Some of my favorites are the Portland Triathlon, Hagg Lake Tri, and the Clackamas Cove Tri to name a few. One of my current goals is to PR at the Lake Steven’s Half Iron Man Triathlon in the next couple seasons. Whether your goals are simply training safely and successfully completing an event or if you are going for a qualifying spot or PR on a course the Smith Haus philosophy is all about getting you there. Learn to train effectively and consistently while staying within the perimeters of a life friendly schedule. On top of a mixture of private and group sessions at our facility stay connected to others with similar goals for free group runs, rides, and outdoor workouts and adventures of all kinds.


Come into the Smith Haus Facility AFTER your long runs, rides, and workouts. I know most of your toughest training happens out on the roads and trails. The RECOVERY SESSIONS are amazing at helping you get back to training faster than you can believe. Come see what all the hype is about!


Swimming is an important part of both training and racing. I am fortunate to have Laurie Kilbourn offer her expert services to Smith Haus Clients at a discount. I recommend at least a few sessions with her to work on your form that will get you swimming strong and efficiently as you use swimming as training, cross training, and recovery during various blocks of training leading towards your goal. Suit up for your triathlon swims confidently after Laurie helps you perform your best! Include swim coaching into your Smith Haus Training Package and get well rounded and results driven training.


Coach Laurie Kilbourn


Smith Haus Services beneficial for triathletes:

Personal Training

Small Group Training

Recovery Sessions

Run Coaching


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