Wellness Solutions

Rachel Gilman

Rachel Gilman, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine


Davil Leon Emery, Licensed Massage Therapist

Very crowded hilly course. 1:02 felt good and feels like I'm goin in a really great direction with my training this year.

Coach PeTe

Coach Kellie/ Nutritionist

Coach Kellie/ Nutritionist








Lets formulate a well rounded plan to get to the center of your wellness using a custom package designed for you that can incorporate sessions with various coaches and talented wellness providers that can include various types of training and recovery sessions, massage therapy, acupuncture and herbal medicine, nutrition, and more!!!


Baby Steps to Wellness

The First Steps of MIND>BODY>SOUL

Step 1- Be Open:Mind

Be open to the idea that your previous opinion could be wrong. Open your mind to new ideas that may even contradict your own. We are all victims of bad information, unfortunately its dissemination is heavily prevalent in our popular culture and operated with a heavy coin purse. Seek new sources of information and be open to changing your views. Chances are if you are not well, it means something about your life is not working. Be open to growth and change. Be realistic about your flaws; acknowledge them and intend to change for the better. Start thinking about yourself as a piece of nature and a body of light that is affected by everything it comes into contact with, but know that it all starts within the Mind. If you intend to expand your consciousness, you will.

Step 2-Learn toBreathe:Body

Breathing just so happens to be essential for survival. As it turns out, we are mostly doing it wrong. Why is Learning to Breathe Important?

1. Breathing calms the sympathetic nervous system.

2. Breathing lifts mood.

3. Breathing brings clarity and mindfulness to your mind-body connection.

4. Breathing boosts energy and stamina.

5. Breathing increases oxygen in your blood and aids recovery.

6. Breathing strengthens the immune system.

7. Breathing can release toxins in your body by 70%.

8. Breathing promotes better sleep.

9. Breathing reduces blood pressure.

10. Breathing normalizes the heart rate and rhythm.

There is a multitude of techniques for breathing exercises, just Google it and see! Training and resources are available through Smith Haus.

Step 3- Be the Good:Soul

Heal your soul! We all have garbage from the past, but we can’t let it hold us back from loving without fear. Judge no one, accept everyone; especially yourself! Forgive, forget, and grow from it. Seek your joy and the joy of others and everything else will fall into place. Be the Peace the world needs and you shall receive Peace in return. How do you go about healing the soul? Meditation is a great place to start, and begin with steps 1 & 2 above! All these steps are created equally and should be implemented so. Wellness is a balance of all 3- Mind, Body, and Soul. Acceptance of what was, Mindfulness of what is, and Balance of future possibilities.


Family Photo. Council Crest 2012.

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