Youth Training

I’ve always had a passion for working with kids. My approach is to challenge their core strength, balance, and rate of force production relative to their sport or fitness goals that will translate directly to increased performance and a much lower risk of injury. Almost any trainer can train the younger clients hard and send them limping home. Our approach is to give them the tools and motivation to increase their functional core strength on their own in between sessions so they can progress further in their next session. And one of the best ways to get your kids to workout………workout with them. A mixture of group workouts with the family, along with a few one on one sessions, will be a great tune up with far reaching benefits. And super fun for the whole family. Call or message for custom pricing. Just let me know how many group and private youth sessions you would like to bundle and I will discount the per session prices.


Anyone that purchases and packages will automatically receive announcements of discount recovery session times, free group runs/ rides (sometimes with free outdoor workouts attached), and discounts on other available services and referral discounts to our favorite local resources.


Bankd Brave Run 5/18/13

Banks Brave Run 5/18/13 w/ Tanner-  FIRST PLACE kids division! I took first in the 10K. Great day for Smith Haus!

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